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Faith Storey & Jill Parkinson are the Co-Founders of Only Freelance. We teach people to freelance so they can take control of their time and income.

We're looking to grow our team in 2023 and will post when gigs are available.

Meet Faith

Hey, I'm Faith. I'm a freelance growth marketer. After working in marketing at various agencies and tech jobs, I quit my job in November 2020 to go freelance (Jill actually was the one who persuaded me to quit my job)! I was doing the exact same job as a freelancer instead of working full-time. I grew my freelance business to $200k within the first year while only working 20 hours per week (or less, depending on how I felt). I also made it to Upwork's expert-vetted program, the top 1% of all freelancers in the world. After getting my time & freedom back, I never looked back to the traditional 9-5 job.

I used my freedom to live in Airbnbs and travel the US and now live in Hawaii. I spend most of my days out in the ocean or traveling internationally. And that's all thanks to freelancing. After freelancing dramatically changed my life, I wanted to help others do the same. So we wrote this to help you get there as well! It's easier than you think.

Meet Jill

Jill here! I’m a freelance media planner. One year after college after a full-time ad agency job I said, “I can’t do this for the rest of my life!” I started freelancing. It took me months to get my first client! I’ve been able to make $100k every year for the past three years - only freelancing! I don’t have a fancy or difficult skill. I’m not an engineer or a doctor. I’m just a girl who took what she already knew how to do and applied it to this new way of working - freelancing.

As a freelancer, I lived in Europe for four months, bought and remodeled a house in Vegas, and enjoy the lifestyle of working less and making more. I coached a friend into getting a client and thought wow, I would love to help others make money and have the lifestyle I have! It’s such a rewarding feeling. So here we are. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

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